“How To Demolish,. Humiliate And ‘Play' With Any Attacker Who Dares Touch You…With These Amazing NERVE FIGHTING SECRETS!”

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Dear Reader,

Let me introduce you to a GAME-CHANGING concept in martial arts!

It's something so powerful that it even beats pressure points…hand down.

And it's something so powerful that it will let you ‘play' with, humiliate and frankly demolish any attacker who dares take you on.

I'm talking about NERVE fighting!

So let me start by introducing you to Joe Carslake …a chap you may never have heard of, but who you really need to start paying attention to – RIGHT NOW!

Who is Joe and what's he all about?

Well when we met up with Joe recently, Joe explained more about what he does...how it's so remarkably different than ‘normal' self-defense and even pressure points...why it's so much more powerful…and how dangerous this material can be in the wrong hands – and plenty more. But he left the juicy details for later. You see, it turns out that…

…MOST of what 99.9% of people know about using
pressure points for the street effectively…is FLAT-OUT WRONG!

Pressure points are good – don't get me wrong.

But Joe concentrates NOT just on pressure points – but on what he calls nerve points .

Yes, pressure points are good. But nerve points are better. A lot better.

You see, nerve points aren't just ‘pressure' points. They are nerves and so they are much more painful when pushed – if someone attacks you. They are like pressure points ‘on steroids' giving you what amounts to basically unrivalled power over opponents - IF you know the ‘secrets' of using them.

It's this simple...

Pressure points=powerful.

But: nerve points=super-powerful!

Yet training and using ‘nerve points' is something that few people really know much about and fewer still appreciate the real secrets of using them. But the fact remains: by using them, you can get unrivalled power, control and absolute domination over your attackers – and Joe Carslake is THE guy to teach this to you!

See, Joe isn't ‘just anyone'...

And the reason is simple: Joe has learnt these secrets directly from people that most of us would never be able to learn from. In fact, Joe's ‘story' reads like something out of a movie. But this isn't fiction. This is REAL-LIFE.

In fact, as remarkable as it sounds, Joe was originally trained under a Japanese Ex- Prisoner of War! A guy who had been actually trained personally by the Japanese military as some sort of experiment. He was captured on the mainland and practiced things that are probably unlike anything you've ever seen before.

After this initial training, Joe underwent intensive training with an array of martial arts masters – one, for example, who trained for 28 years in a temple in the heart of Japan.

And believe me – these people taught Joe some simply amazing things . Things that 99.99% of martial artists have never even heard of, much less understand.

And that's not even the half of it…Joe also has amazing credentials and training of his own, which has further help enhance and develop his ‘nerve' based system...

  • In 2000, Joe was recognized by the Hanshi no Inkaii , the Society of Masters , and was awarded the title of Hanshi , a very great honour, indeed – especially considering the magnitude of the other members of this Body (who are frankly ‘giants' in the World of martial arts).
  • In 2001, Joe was presented with the Prof Henry Okazaki Award - for outstanding service to the Art of Ju-Jutsu…
  • And in 2003, Joe was awarded the Lamplighter Award (which is an award only given once every two years), recognizing excellence – and this was the first time the Award was given outside the U.S.!

In short? Joe Carslake has the credentials to back-up what I'm saying here – not only the credentials but also real-world experience (Joe has also been a full-contact fighter AND bodyguard!). He isn't some fly-by-night ‘guru' figure. Quite the opposite….he's the real deal all the way. (And yes, unlike some martial artists, Joe is also a thoroughly nice guy who's also generous with his incredible knowledge.)

And the result of all this is that Joe has developed a game-changing approach to striking…to using points on the body…to what you might call ‘nerve points'…which is possibly the most powerful information we've seen in the last few years or so.

What's more, Joe realised through this training that… size does NOT matter when it comes to knowing how to really control and take-out attackers as long as you use Joe's nerve secrets.

So, OK, we had ‘heard' Joe was the real deal, but it's quite a different matter to prove it. And that's why we wanted to meet Joe in person – to see his game-changing approach to pressure points and striking in real-life, in real-life action!

And boy…did we ‘see' it. In fact, we saw opponents crumple like paper tissue. We saw opponents go down quicker than a lying politician's approval rating. And we saw unheard of control over attackers – as Joe turned fully grown men into cry babies with just one or two quick and simple moves .

And that's when we realised – this is the NEW ‘game-changing' self-defense information that makes even pressure point fighting look like something ‘fairies' do!

And the really great thing is…

  • Anyone can use these game-changing secrets – it doesn't matter how old, big or weak you are. These are game-changers! In fact, Joe has realised that size does NOT matter (one of his best and most powerful instructors was actually a small and very attractive WOMAN).
  • It doesn't matter if you've never trained before – you can learn this material, and have the kind of power that few black-belts even have!
  • You can learn directly from Joe – and YOU won't need to learn for 51 years like Joe has! Instead, you can get everything you need right now, and learn everything by the end of next week!

So here's what has gone down…

Recently, we went to see Joe and flew him in from Dublin , Ireland , and convinced him to put everything he knows on DVD. Exclusively for our best, most highly-valued customers (that includes YOU, if you're receiving this message today).

The result is like nothing that I've ever seen before…nothing that I'd imagine YOU have seen before…something that will forever change the way our ‘community' views pressure points.

You're going to see for yourself just why these ‘nerve points' are leading the NEW revolution in pressure points - and how to use these super-powerful points to get unheard of advantages over attackers.

This is the game-changer…

Over the past 5 decades, and with the benefit of having trained with an ex-Japanese POW and other instructors people NEVER get access to…Joe has developed and refined his nerve-fighting secrets that he's now ready to share with YOU.

Best part: through this unique new DVD training program, he's made it all EASY for you to pickup.

He's cut it all down…so all you need to do is pickup and use this.

Joe started out explaining why pressure points today are most often BADLY WRONG – how much misinformation is out there, and why you might need to reset some of the knowledge that you now have.

Don't worry here. Joe went through everything from the beginning (grounding you in the ‘fundamentals') so you don't have to worry if you're coming at this from scratch. Everyone is catered for, from rank beginners to seasoned veterans.

You'll start out by learning…

  • How to us the ‘law of nines' to understand the power of the techniques (traditionally used when treating burns victims – this will enable you to understand how powerful this information really can be)
  • How to initially ‘setup' an attacker so you can then go on to ‘exploit' him using these devastating nerve-based fighting information
  • Quick and easy ways to get past an opponent's ‘fortress'…exposing him to the severe nerve strikes you'll learn next
  • How the old arts practice of ‘throwing cinders in the face' can be dramatically and effectively applied to today's street self-defense scenarios. How to use this to best effect.
  • How to form a ‘blade' using a certain part of your arm – this human weapon is an amazing tool for causing extreme pain to your attackers, especially when used in conjunction with this ‘nerve' information
  • How to really strike someone – NOT by using the fist (which is stupid and unnecessary) – but by using a litany of MORE powerful weapons that Joe is going to hand you
  • How you can use just your BIG TOE and one other toe to cause an attacker excruciating pain – that's how powerful this material is (and why it simply MUST be used responsibly!)

Important: Joe showed us here how simple this stuff is…and why it's better to be that way (so you'll learn it in hours and then be able to quickly recall it when needed).

There's nothing complex here – it's just that you need to be shown just what to do, and how – and that's exactly what Joe shows you!

You'll also learn…

  • A two handed move that causes excruciating pain to your attacker – simple and easy to use, too
  • WARNING: a point that can cause a permanent facial tic, so must be used with extreme caution. Some of the points you'll learn here are simply NOT for striking, but only to be used as ‘pressure points' that are pushed (they are too powerful to be used in any other way)
  • A simple vital surface point that will create a standing knockout – the guy will literally be knocked out on his feet!
  • How to use the ‘snakebite' move – a very simple strike – that will cause an attacker to crumble like the proverbial cookie
  • A simple vital point that acts like a ‘switch' to the legs – use this point carefully, as it can take an opponent's legs from under him. And he won't come back!
  • Surface points NOT to use – because they are too dangerous and powerful. This is ‘need to know' information also, and something to be aware of. You must appreciate the power of this information!
  • How to freeze a man as he comes at you – literally stopping him dead in his tracks – this simple strike to this vital point ‘activates' this
  • Vital points that create ‘a burning fire' like sensation against your opponent – ultra powerful stuff!

And more too – such as how to mimic the effect of a hot pin on your opponent…a vital point that can actually cause the Achilles heel to come off the bone …and plenty more.

Now – originally we published Joe's incredible Nerve Fighting Secrets training program as a 6-DVD Set….and charged nearly $300 for it!

We've NOT releasing the full Set again here today, as we don't believe that's ‘fair' to our original customers.

But what we are doing is offering a BASIC VERSION of Joe's original DVD Training Program…still packed to the brim with ‘nerve fighting secrets'…for a fraction of the price. In fact, it's not even a fraction of the price!

You see, this new ‘Basic' 2-DVD Set is actually FREE TO YOU!

What we've done: simply put we've produced a tightly-edited 2-DVD version of Joe's ‘Nerve Fighting' set…which anyone can pickup and immediately learn from.

It's condensed and therefore easier to learn from. So if you want to learn one of the quickest and easiest ways for taking out attackers – literally humiliating and ‘playing' with them with these nerve fighting secrets, you need to pay attention because I want to send you Joe's 2-DVD Set…


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You see, MOST of the stuff you'll find ‘out there' today on the Web goes like this – you get a Set of DVDs, then you watch them. They may well be good DVDs. But, before you know it, you don't have that on-going instruction you need to really ensure you turn from rookie into all-powerful street-warrior.

As good as single Sets of DVDs are, you need on-going instruction to ensure you complete your ‘transformation' into a real-World street-fighting warrior.

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You will learn, for example, from Russell Stutely - a guy who has been on the front cover of Martial Arts Illustrated – not once, but TWICE! He's the guy that's become the leading authority on pressure point work in Europe . You'll learn how to 'hit like a heavyweight' and take guys out with precision pressure point striking as well.

You'll also watch and learn at the feet of the legendary Kevin O'Hagan - that's the Kevin that you may have heard of already. On this power-packed DVD, Kevin concentrates on the most devastating joint-breaking moves and techniques that Kevin generously agrees to share. You'll learn finger, leg, knee, arm wrist and other joint-breaking techniques.

You'll also learn from Mark Weir - yes, that's the Mark Weir who appeared in the UFC (yes the World-famous Ultimate Fighting Championship ), and held the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history! Mark reveals his secrets for ultimate MMA training for fitness, strength and power. This complements your other material perfectly.

And finally you'll hear from Lee Morrison - Lee is one of the most respected people in the UK on the Combatives landscape and has worked with Dennis Martin and many other big name instructors. Has also done a lot of close-protection work for celebs and such like. You'll see Lee's best tactics - for pure street self-defence - gouges, scrapes, the works. This isn't for everyone and is BRUTAL material.

All this material is packed onto one dense, and highly informative DVD.

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This is the kind of ‘talent' by the way, which you'll have access to each month through the ‘Street Warriors Club' .

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